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Founded in 1997, Taida Motor Part Co. specializes in making various engines as well as performance parts and accessories for motorcycles, including performance fittings, oil-cooling kits (with oil drain parts), connectors, cylinder heads, cylinder gaskets, and oil temperature gauges, which are all meticulously fabricated to ensure high compatibility and easy installation. Using American-made high-pressure oil hoses, we deliver leak-proof connectors. Taida’s precision-bored performance cylinders are better than typical OE replacements. We accept custom orders for enlarged cylinders (featuring enlarged valve openings) for virtually all models. Talk to us. Taida is simply the right choice for you.
Running on a TAIDA engine, our Japanese customer, MK ADVANCE, set a 3.192 second world record this year in the SS 1/32 mile race organized by MOTOR CHAMP.
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Year Established:1993

Number of Total Employees:10

Brand Name:TD

Export Percentage:70%

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Highly-compatible accessories are easy and quick to install for pros and even DIY applications.

Continual product improvement and innovation.

Excellent compatibility of fittings also helps to boost engine power.


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